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The late-summer-all-CanCon episode! With a phonecall from Winnie Cooper’s Tristan

August 27, 2010
  • Destroyer, Streethawk I
  • Teen Daze, Wet Hair (Japandroids cover)
  • Julie Doiron, Nice To Come Home
  • Katie Stelmanis, Believe Me
  • Hank, The Forster Appeal
  • Super Cassette, Lost in the Park
  • Humans, Alwaysaround
  • Barcelona Pavilion, Die Welt Ist Schlect
  • The Endless Bummer, Wednesday Night
  • Apollo Ghosts, To: A Friend Who Has Been Through A War
  • Fine Mist, In the Mountains
  • No Kids, All That Heaven Allows
  • The Shilohs, The New Balladeers
  • Fanshaw, Diana
  • Shane Turner Overdrive, Taped On Walls

Tristan’s blog is called Winnie Cooper. Podcast here!