CiTR Pop Alliance compilation V2

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  1. Apollo Ghosts – Validation!
  2. My Friend Wallis – Hiding
  3. Slam Dunk – Slow Dance
  4. Role Mach – Montana
  5. Kellarissa – Flatlands
  6. Fine Mist (featring Nick Krgovich) – I Could Shout
  7. No Kids – He’ll Have To Go
  8. fanshaw – Diana
  9. Watermelon – How I Came
  10. Shane Turner – Age 25-29 Hairline
  11. Spring Break – Stephenie Meyer’s 115th Dream

In 2009, before CiTR’s annual FunDrive, I mentioned to then-CiTR President Becky Sandler that I wished I could have pulled together a legit compilation to give away, with tracks donated by local bands. I was kind of doing that ‘aw shucks’-and-scuffing-my-foot move that kids use in hackneyed movies. Anyhow, Becky said, ‘Why don’t we do it together?’ We enlisted Chris-A-Riffic and formed the CiTR Pop Alliance. We put out a 12 track CDR and it was a great success.

Shena Yoshida from Mint Records heard that comp and approached me about doing something similar this year, but raising the stakes. After a couple of covert meetings over Blizzards, Shena said Mint could help CiTR put out the comp on vinyl. This is clearly the dream of every music nerd and I am ecstatic this has all worked out.

We hear a lot about bands from Brooklyn, Montreal and San Francisco, but I think Vancouver’s music community is the best around. There are so many amazing bands. I was hoping we could take a snapshot of Vancouver’s scene in 2011. Clearly there’s WAY too much great stuff to fit on a single record, so the focus here is on pop.

The greatness of these bands speaks for itself, not just in the quality of the songs, but also in their generosity in donating the songs to this compilation. The generosity of everyone involved, in fact. The bands donated the songs, Stuart at Rain City Recorders donated mastering, David Barclay of Nice Snacks donated artwork and, well, Mint is donating everything else. Big thanks to Shena and CiTR Station Manager Brenda Grunau for helping pull this all together, and also to the crafters that assembled the record, Wendy Wulff, Anna King, Dave King, Al Smith, Shena, Brenda & Luke Meat. It’s been so great to see everyone getting behind such a good cause—supporting CiTR Radio.

Yours in pop,
Duncan McHugh
Host, Duncan’s Donuts

In 1991, Mint Records was started by Randy Iwata and Bill Baker, two CiTR members who, after their UBC Radio days were over, wanted to continue supporting the fantastic talent found in Vancouver. Since then, Mint has put out over 130 releases by such artists as The Organ, Neko Case, The New Pornographers, cub, Lou Barlow, The Sadies, P:ano, Carolyn Mark and The Pack a.d. to name a few.

Broadcasting 350 watts of independent radio from the top of Gage Towers, CiTR 101.9 FM is your campus and community radio station at UBC. More than Vancouver’s source for local and indie music, CiTR also covers campus and community news, live UBC sports coverage, progressive talk radio and music of every genre. In addition to our programming, we publish the free award-winning magazine Discorder and hostShindig! our annual Battle of the Bands. Visit to learn more, get involved, listen online or download podcasts.

For more information on the bands, check out these sites:

Statement by David Barclay:
CiTR 101.9FM is a college radio station situated on Musqueam land, and which through its existence has been run predominantly by privileged white males. For over 50 years ‘college rock’ has been dominated by an elitist cultural lexicon, reinforced by the institutionalized racism of the post-secondary education system in Canada and the US*.  Representing the CiTR community as a Northwest Coast-style totem pole, referencing in particular the Ellen Neel Kwakiutl totem pole located in Brock Hall on the UBC campus**, is a deliberate combination of both the uneasiness and the splendour of the station’s contemporary cultural history. CiTR has encouraged and supported unlikely artistic voices that have become iconic local anti-corporate, anti-racist figures (Joey Shithead) and important songwriters and musical innovators (Dan Bejar, Tim Hecker, Cub).  CiTR volunteers have made music and their involvement with the station their life’s passion and have become inspiring members of the local and national community (Christa Min, Gerald Rattlehead, Nardwuar the Human Serviette).

A visit to the nearby UBC Museum of Anthropology is a glimpse of some of the world’s finest art, powerfully linked to the land on which it sits, as well as a cold view of the sterilized remnants of a lost culture: numbered, tagged and owned.  This is the atmosphere under which ‘Canadian independent Radio Thunderbird’ continues to operate.

For more information on Musqueam rights to the University Endowment Land, see:
Guerin, Delbert, ‘Musqueam aboriginal rights to the University Endowment Lands’, Musqueam Indian Band, Vancouver B.C., 1977. [MBC G84 M87 1977 Xwi7xwa Library, Special Collection]

Contact the UBC president about the university’s diversity, land use and artifact re-appropriation.
ATTN: Stephen J. Toope
Office of the President
The University of British Columbia
6328 Memorial Road [map]
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z2
*I have previously addressed the white male dominance and faux-intellectual elitism of ‘college rock’ with a mural titled ‘Celebrating 50 Years of College Rock’ at KSDT Radio, University of California, San Diego.
** Gifted to the University in 1948, re-carved by Calvin Hunt and rededicated in 2004.

David Readshaw Barclay currently prints and lives in San Diego, CA, USA and shares his work on the website He occasionally makes music as “The Diskettes” & “The Endless Bummer.” Additionally, he studies ambient noise in the deep ocean and has recently made recordings in the Mariana Trench.



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