Sweet Treats since ’06


Duncan’s Donuts is a radio show on CiTR 101.9fm on Thursdays from noon to 1pm. Listen to it via streaming mp3 from our website, via podcast or—if you’re in the Vancouver area—at 101.9 on your FM dial.

Some people say I’m living the dream. If the dream is working at UBC and broadcasting a radio show on my lunch break, then you better believe that the dream is being lived, by me, Duncan, host of Duncan’s Donuts.

Why call it Duncan’s Donuts? I aim to deliver sweet treats from the Pop Underground. Plus, it didn’t sound as pretentious as the other names I was considering (“Songs For A Future Generation,” meh) and Parts Unknown was taken.

What is the Pop Underground? Uh, well, it’s any pop music that doesn’t make it on to most radios. That and it should have something to do with Calvin Johnson. Please bear in mind, I ascribe to an unusually broad and inclusive concept of pop. Beach Boys and Kinks, check; X-Ray Spex and the Delta 5, check; Half Japanese and the Beat Happening, check; Destroyer and The Blow, yup; and much, much more.

Other than music, what will I hear? Well, this being campus radio, expect to hear all manner of technical gaffes, including feedback, missed cues, bizarro levels and hearing me talk while the songs are playing because I’ve left the mic on. That talking may be of interest; at 12:30 I deliver select concert listings. I also try to bring in co-hosts whenever I can. These co-hosts have all sorts of interests to share with you, the listening public. Some of them are from France, some are from Toronto, some of them are ladies, all of them bring a fresh perspective to the pop endeavour.

Who’s listening? Well, my mom listened once, and people call in when I give away tickets (which happens on occasion), so there must be some listeners out there. Also I recently accosted Canadian film and television legend Don McKellar and convinced him to do a promo for my show, so it sounds like he listens. I’m sure that he doesn’t, but he is a fan of The Zombies, so he could—feasibly—like the show.

Requests and heckles are always welcome on Duncan’s Donuts, Thursdays at noon on CiTR 101.9FM.Click here to grab the podcast’s RSS feed (wha!? yes).


5 Responses to “Sweet Treats since ’06”

  1. Loretta Says:

    where do I find the fat grams etc in your coffees?

  2. Duncan Says:

    I generally announce them around three quarters of the way through the show.

  3. Spy Olivia Says:

    Hi DD,

    Calvin Johnson!! He played a house show at my good friend’s place in guelph this summer… fantastic. He’s mesmerizing.

    Anyway… we’re a totally indie, politicized pop-punk (power pop) group from Guelph, charting nationally but humbly across Canada.

    We’d actually be a really good fit for your show… Someone described us as 80’s new wave meets the Go Team.

    In a nutshell, we’re punky, riffy, smart, catchy, with lots of group vocals.

    Our album’s at your station already. It’s called

    On your show, try playing “For the Jocks Who Scream from Cars” or ” I lost My Edge Last Night.”

    Thanks, friend!
    p.s. my dinner last night=2 apple fritters.

  4. Sheila McHugh Says:

    nice to see that your mother has listened once.

  5. Leanos Says:

    cool picsxxx

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