The August 20th episode: Editorial comp & more


Seems like the podcast is silent for the first seven minutes. It kicks in after that. Pretty good show. Good music. That Editorial comp can be found here.

  • The Kinks – I’m Not Like Everybody Else (Sunny Afternoon 7″)
  • Deerhunter – Snakeskin (Fading Frontier)
  • Lab Coast – Away From Here (Craft Single)
  • Mega Bog – Cologne in the Night (Gone Banana)
  • Wetface – All I Wanna Say (Editorial & Friends)
  • Sean Nicholas Savage – The Rat #1 (Demo) (Editorial & Friends)
  • White Poppy – Cruisin’ (Editorial & Friends)
  • Stefana Fratila – Heartland (Efemara)
  • TV Ugly – Slow Thighs (UCLA Yankee Cola)
  • Homeshake – Brothers (The Homeshake Tape)
  • Valet – Sunday (Nature)
  • Chastity Belt – Joke (Time To Go Home)
  • dark glasses – in vogue (s/t)
  • sloan – she says what she means (navy blues)

Podcast here!



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