The July 9th episode: Back at it


I was away for a couple of weeks. This was my first show in the new station! Thanks for listening, mom.

  • Mourning Coup – Baby Blue (Baby Blue)
  • Knife Pleats – One Step Too Far (Hat Bark Beach)
  • US Girls – Woman’s Work (Half Free)
  • Lizzy Mercier Descloix – Fire (Mutant Disco comp)
  • White Poppy – Ebb and Flow (Natural Phenomena)
  • Flyin’ – Death Has Lost Its Sting (Death Has Lost Its Sting)
  • Gordon Dick – Siwash Rock (Native North America Vol 1)
  • Chris-a-riffic – Christian Witch (Bible Beats)
  • Freak Heat Waves – Comfortable Conversation (Bonnie’s state of Mind)
  • B-Lines – Tell Me (Tell Me)
  • Defektors – Far Away (LP 2014)
  • Frog Eyes – Joe with the Jam (Pickpocket’s Locket)
  • Warm Soda – Cryin’ For A Love (Symbolic Dreams)
  • Vashti Bunyan – 17 Pink Sugar Elephants (Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind)

Podcast here!


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