The April 9th episode: Gall’y, what a show!


New Adrian Teacher and a farewell to Blocks Recording Club.

  • France Gall – Poupee de Cire, Poupee de Son (s/t)
  • Adrian Teacher & the Subs – When Did I Get Older (Sorta Hafta)
  • Bleached – Searching Throught the Past (Searching Throught the Past)
  • Supermoon – Burnout of My Dreams (Hot Heroes)
  • Lower Dens – Non Grata (Escape From Evil)
  • Chromatics – In Films (Dear Tommy)
  • Warm Soda – I Wanna Go Fast (Symbolic Dream)
  • Damaged Bug – The Mirror (Cold Hot Plumbs)
  • Faith Healer – Infinite Return (Cosmic Troubles)
  • Jeremy Jay – Gallop (Slow Dance)
  • Ninja High School – NHS is Gonna Rock You (Blocks Sampler July 2004)
  • Hank – Getting Fucked Over By Your Friends (Ackrill/Venning 91)
  • The Barcelona Pavilion – Die Welt Ist Schlect (It’s the Barcelona Pavilion)
  • the diskettes – come on over (s/t)
  • Gigi – Strolling Past the Old Graveyard (Maintenant)

Podcast here! Back to regular programming on April 30th!


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