The March 26th episode: A chat with Jessica Jalbert of Faith Healer


Jessica Jalbert of Faith Healer called in to chat about her new album with Renny Wilson, “Cosmic Troubles,” out this week on Mint Records. And Ryan out high school intern served as guest co-host.

  • Jojo and the Fugitives – Chips-Chicken-Banana Split (Jamaica to Toronto)
  • Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian at Best (Sometimes I Sit and Think…)
  • Peach Kelli Pop – Panchito Blues (Bloodstains Across Ontario)
  • Viet Cong – Oxygen Feed (Cassette)
  • Freak Heat Waves – Nausea (s/t)
  • Faith Healer – Acid (Cosmic Troubles)
  • Tee Tahs – A Cups (Buzzkill)
  • Renny Wilson – Lady Pain [Jay Arner Remix] (Sugarglider)
  • The Zolas – You’re Too Cool (Tic Toc Tic)
  • Christian Michael Jackson – What Does It Mean (J’ai Jamais Voter Pour Ca)
  • Cyrillic Typewriter – Twisted Rope (Best Suit)
  • Colleen Green – Deeper Than Love (I Want to Grow Up)
  • Quarterbacks – Simple Songs (s/t)

Podcast here!


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