The February 19th episode: R.I.P. Lesley Gore!


Farewell to one of the greats.

  • Lesley Gore – You Don’t Own Me (Greatest Hits)
  • Sparks – Amateur Hour (Kimono My House)
  • Sonny & the Sunsets – Secret Plot (Talent Night at the Ashram)
  • Cool Ghouls – And It Grows (A Swirling Fire Burnign Through the Rye)
  • Bash Brothers – Party Hat (Bash)
  • Defektors – Street Panic (Black Dreams)
  • Nude Beach – I Can’ Keep the Tears From Falling (77)
  • Moon – One Thousand Natural Shocks (s/t)
  • Hello Blue Roses – Brutalist Brick (WZO)
  • Faith Healer – Universe (Cosmic Troubles)
  • Softess – Promises (Dark Power)
  • Dories – Miniatures (Stripped)
  • Chromatics – Just Like You (Dear Tommy)

Podcast here!


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