The Sept 25th episode: New Mood Hut & other great things


C-c-c-catchin’ up

  • Jack J – Looking Forward To You (Mood Hut)
  • Sean Nicholas Savage – Darkness (Bermuda Waterfall)
  • TOPS – Way to be Loved (Picture You Staring)
  • HOMESHAKE – Cash Is Money (In The Shower)
  • Rec Centre – Like I Care (Monster of the Week)
  • Nicholas Krgovich – Along the PCH on Oscar Night (On Sunset)
  • Arbutus – Canadian Synesthesia (Bedroom Safari)
  • mi’ens – pointillist pilot (experimentalsparklenoisepop)
  • storc – Chernobyl Wormwood (demos)
  • Matthew Melton – Painted Sign (Outside of Paradise)
  • Jennifer Castle – Truth is the Freshest Fruit (Pink City)
  • Davina – Onion in my Pocket (Demos About Love)
  • The Shilohs – Queen Light Queen Dark (s/t)
  • Love Cuts – Back To You (Kingfisher Bluez Vancouver DIY Single-Sided Singles Series)

Podcast here!


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