The September 18th Episode: I’m back!


Plenty of new stuff. Buckle up!

  • Belle & Sebastian – Me & the Major (If You’re Feeling Sinister)
  • COOL TV – Modern Europeans (I Can Handle That)
  • Energy Slime – Star on the Ground (s/t)
  • To Bad Catholics – This Weather Girl (Mallorytown)
  • Supermoon – Grounded (Demo)
  • Sloan – Cleopatra (Commowealth)
  • renny wilson – radio receiver (punk explosion)
  • Darren Wantz – all myne (edie bread split)
  • Cowpuncher – Bridesmaids (Ghost Names)
  • Zeus – Miss My Friends (Classic Zeus)
  • Parquet Courts – This Is Happening Now (LAMC split 7″)
  • Allah Las – Artifact (Worship the Sun)
  • Beathovens – Summer Sun (Searchin’ For Shakes)
  • Monomyth – 13th Floor (Meet The Factory)
  • Freelove Fenner – Ursula Major (Meet The Factory)
  • Brave Radar – Driver One (Meet The Factory)

Podcast here!


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