The June 5th episode: Music Waste XX preview


Music Waste, the greatest time of the year.

  • Paul McCartney & Wings – Let Me Roll It (Band on the Run)
  • Happy End – Kaze Wo Atsumete (Kazemachi Roman)
  • Puffy AmiYumi – Tokyo Nights (Nice.)
  • Tough Age – Open It Up (s/t)
  • Jay Arner – Wildest One (s/t)
  • Cult Babies – Wait (s/t)
  • Fake Tears – Night Box (s/t)
  • Les Chaussettes – Bunky (Bunky)
  • cool – i’m one of them (best new music)
  • Viet Cong – Oxygen Feed (Cassette)
  • Naomi Punk – Television Man (Television Man)
  • Strange Attractors – Need To Kill My Neighbours (Barely Doin’ Crime)
  • Diana – Strange Attraction (Perpetual Surrender)
  • Fanshaw – Diana (s/t)

Podcast here!


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