The June 19th episode: A chat with the charming Johnny Payne of The Shilohs


Johnny from the Shilohs called in. Check out their new album!

  • Stevie Dinner – Card Declined for Pizza & Wine (~Mystery Flavor~)
  • Blood Orange – You’re Not Good Enough (Cupid Deluxe)
  • Electric Light Orchestra – Evil Woman (Face The Music)
  • The Shilohs – Student of Nature (s/t)
  • Donovan Blanc – Minha Menina (Donovan Blanc)
  • Alex Calder – Life Purpose (Feat. Caitlin Loney) (Strange Dreams)
  • Brave Parents – Don’t Ask (Someone To Jump Out At You)
  • B-Lines – Opening Band (Opening Band)
  • Freak Heat Waves – Void Air Lashing (Birth of Venus)
  • Open Relationship – PUBLIC (BORN WEIRD)
  • Fountain – Jesus ’99 (s/t)
  • The Bloggers – Maps of the Stars (Sign of the Times)

Podcast here!



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