The May 1st episode: Springtime & Ladyhawk hits


A decade of Ladyhawk! Here’s a rad video by the Weekend Leisure crew:

  • Paul Giovanni – Maypole Song (The Wicker Man OST)
  • Erlend Oye – La Prima Estate (La Prima Estate)
  • The Lemon Drops – I Live in the Springtime (Nuggets)
  • Eric’s Trip – Spring (Love Tara)
  • Ladyhawk – Evil Eye (No Can Do)
  • Duffy & the Doubters – Planet of Vampires (scrip tural Supplies)
  • Duffy Driediger & Ryan Peters – The Big House (In the Yard, Havin’ Fun Cast Recording)
  • Gigi – The Hundredth Time (feat Duffy Driediger & Ryan Peters) (Maintenant)
  • Mac DeMarco – Let Her Go (Salad Days)
  • Shunkan – Wash You Away (Honey, Milk & Blood)
  • Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffitti – Until the Night Dies (The Doldrums)
  • Coach Longlegs – I don’t want to go home (I just wanna stay out all night) (x-fragrancefree-x)
  • The Flyin’ Heads – 4:20 Was An Inside Job (Demo)
  • genderdog – Bad Dream Lady (Demo)
  • Cave Girl – Downton Abbey (Not Well, Thank You)
  • Wetface – Johnson & Jinkoff (Demo)

Podcast here!



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