The April 24th episode: Toronto mini-set, new disco & a visit from Becky!


I was in Toronto last week, which led me to reminisce about the late(-ish), great Blocks Recording Club. Also, a visit from the legendary Becky Sandler, who now lives far away.

  • Cindy & the Playmates – Now That School is Through (Home Schooled)
  • Hank & the Hank Collective – In The Middle of Crying (Toronto Is The Best!!!)
  • Ninja High School – Shake It Off (Young Adults Against Suicide)
  • The Barcelona Pavilion – New Materiology (It’s the Barcelona Pavilion)
  • Daphni & Owen Pallett – Tiberius (Tiberius)
  • Warpaint – Disco//Very (s/t)
  • Liars – Mess On A Mission (Mess)
  • Patrick Cowley – Nightcrawler (School Daze)
  • Jay Arner – T.S.A.T.S. (RSD 2014 Flexidisc)
  • Mormon Crosses – Our Language (Demo)
  • Each Other – About the Crowd (Being Elastic)
  • Old and Weird – Lamp (Moon / Old and Weird split)
  • Bikini Kill – Girl Soldier (Yeah Yeah Yeah re-issue)

Podcast here!


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