The February 13th episode: A Real SOCAN Special


Apparently today was World Radio Day. One day of the year? We do this every week.


  • Julie Doiron – Can’t Make It No More (So Many Days)
  • Role Mach – Shanklin Down (Travels in the Interior Districts)
  • Allen Forrister – You Show Me Things (You Show Me Things)
  • Energy Slime – Only Clouds (Only Clouds)
  • Jay Holy – Into The Void (Dyatlov Pass)
  • Freelove Fenner – Mint (CJLO 1690AM: YOU’RE RELATED Vol. 1)
  • Katie & the Lichen – Wastelands (Yours Truly)
  • True Crush – we’re in a skate gang and it’s called the butterflies (We Like Us)
  • Chris-a-riffic – For Real (Bible Beats)
  • Cosmetics – Soft Skin (Olympia)
  • Trust – Lost Souls/Eelings (Joyland)
  • Fine Mist – Heart Attack (PUBLIC DOMAIN)
  • PUPS – Pop Song (s/t)
  • Kellarissa – Blood + Sand (Moon of Neptune)
  • Phedre – Death of Cupid (Golden Age)
  • Shilohs – Little Valentine (So Wild)

Podcast here!

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