The Feb 6th episode: Edmontonians and funky strutters unite on the radio!


Cold SNAP!

  • Blood Orange – Time Will Tell (Cupid Deluxe)
  • Michael Rault – Too Bad So Sad (Too Bad So Sad)
  • Perri – Edmonton (Beach Ball)
  • Juan Waters – Escucho Mucho (N.A.P. North American Poetry)
  • role mach – holy shades of night (holy shades of night)
  • Candela Farm – Wounded Anemone (Wounded Anemone)
  • KMVP – Montreal Screwjob (Sweatbands Understand)
  • Mu – To Be Young (s/t)
  • Bobby Draino – Dark Money (Demo)
  • Jack Jutson – The Babylon Nightclub Demos & Dubs, Part 3 (C’est Life)
  • Yumi Zouma – Salka Gets Her Hopes Up (s/t)
  • Warm Soda – Young Reckless Hearts (Young Reckless Hearts)
  • Perfect Pussy – Driver (Say Yes To Love)
  • Colin Cowan & The Elastic Stars – Fall Paths (Fall Paths)

Podcast here!

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