The Dec 26th episode: Best of 2013!


That’s it! Goodbye 2013. Extra long show to cap off a weird year.

Happy new year, everybody. Thanks for listening. Bring on 2014!

  • Neo Boys – Give Me The Message (Sooner or Later)
  • US Girls – Overtime (free advice column)
  • Tough Age – Seahorse (s/t)
  • Renny Wilson – Who Was I? (Sugarglider)
  • Jay Arner – Midnight On South Granville (“Live”)
  • Jay Holy – Into The Void (Dyatlov Pass)
  • Movieland – A Blast (Blows Up)
  • Watermelon – Kill Two Birds (s/t)
  • Gal Gracen – Miss June Goth (Blue Hearts In Exile)
  • Warm Soda – Someone For You (Someone For You)
  • The Herms – The Organization [Tascam Demo] (Drop Out, Vol 1)
  • dead ghosts – i want you back (can’t get no)
  • Homeshake – Brothers (The Homeshake Tape)
  • Freelove Fenner – Eva (Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner)
  • Sean Nicholas Savage – Change Your Mind (Other Life)
  • Nicholas Krgovich – Who Cares? (Who Cares?)
  • White Poppy – Wear Me Away (s/t)
  • weed – silent partner (deserve)
  • the courtneys – nu sundae (s/t)
  • Slow Learners – Party Police (Habit 7″)
  • Soft Serve – Words (Sink Deep)
  • Thee Ahs – Ooooh [They’re Inside Me] (Future Without Her)
  • Ariel Pink & Jorge Elbrecht – Hang on to Life (Hang on to Life 7″)
  • Shawn Mrazek Lives – Forget The Past (Thought He Was Dead)

Podcast here!


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