The Dec 5th episode: Hope you like Montreal!


A bunch of music from la belle province. Oh, and go to the Megaphone party with Movieland, okay?

  • Herbert – Something Isn’t Right (Scale)
  • Skinny Kids – Small Room (s/t)
  • Movieland – Politics of Ecology (Blows Up)
  • Jeanette – Porque te vas? (Porque te vas?)
  • RAKAM – Le Jazz Dans Le Rue (Stranger Things Before)
  • Homeshake – She Can’t Leave Here Alone T (Fixture Records Sampler)
  • Freelove Fenner – Sherperdess (Fixture Records Sampler)
  • Paula – Susan & Linda (Relaxed Fit)
  • Braids – December (Flourish//Perish)
  • Tim Hecker – Virginal I (Virgins)
  • white poppy – existential angst (s/t)
  • Fist City – Buried (Buried)
  • Charles Bradley – Strictly Reserved For You (Victim of Love)

Podcast here!



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