The Oct 10th episode: New Destroyer & upcoming concert shows!


You should buy the new Frog Eyes album. It’s very good. The Neo Boys comp is great, too.

  • Crystal Stilts – Shake The Shakles (Shake The Shakles)
  • Blank Dogs – Northern Islands (Land And Fixed)
  • Frog Eyes – Noni’s Got A Taste For Bright Red Air Jordans (Carey’s Cold Spring)
  • Destroyer – El rito (Five Spanish Songs)
  • Viet Cong – Throw It Away (Cassette)
  • Neo Boys – Time Keeps Time (Sooner or Later)
  • Austra – Annie (Oh Muse, You) (Olympia)
  • Cyrillic Typewriter – Faces (Custodian)
  • US Girls – Incidental Boogie (Free Advice Column)
  • The Blind Shake – Calligraphy (Key To A False Door)
  • Thee Oh Sees – Minotaur (Floating Coffin)
  • The Herms – All The Things You Do (Drop Out, Vol 1)

Podcast here!


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