The Oct. 3rd episode: Celebrating a decade with my sweetheart!


10 years! I’m sure it’s only felt like 13 for Anna. Thanks for indulging me.

  • (Smog) – Our Anniversary (Supper)
  • Diana – Anna (Perpetual Surrender)
  • Weird War – AK-47 (If You Can’t Be ‘Em, Bite ‘Em)
  • Anna King – I Found You (Back To Soul)
  • The Unicorns – Les Os (Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone)
  • Sufjan Stevens – Holland (Greetings from Michigan)
  • The Hidden Cameras – Ban Marriage (Smell of Our Own)
  • Paul Jacobs – Fuck School (Coffin Ride)
  • The Everywheres – Laughlines (slow friends)
  • The Blind Shake – 2 Porto Alegre (Key To A False Door)
  • Cult Babies – Good Death (s/t)
  • Watermelon – Kill Two Birds (s/t)
  • White Poppy – Dizzy (s/t)
  • Movieland – Craigslist (blows up)
  • The Champs – Nite Owl (Lux & Ivy’s)

Podcast here!


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