The Sept 26th episode: Autumn is coming! And so much great new stuff.


It’s been a while since I’ve been able to let loose on air. Here we go…

  • The Kinks – Autumn Almanac (Kinks Kontroversy)
  • Bill Callahan – Javelin Unlanded (Dream River)
  • Neo Boys – Give Me The Message (Sooner or Later)
  • U.S. Girls – Overtime (Free Advice Column)
  • The Shangri-Las – He Cried (Mymidons of Melancholia)
  • The Blow – From The Future (s/t)
  • Cleopatra & the Nile – Boom Box (Nightmare Tropics)
  • Monomyth – Vision (s/t)
  • Cult Babies – Minokawa (s/t)
  • soft serve – sink deep (sink deep)
  • The Herms – The Organization (Tascam Demo) (Drop Out Vol 1)
  • KoKo – Ode to the Old Ways (KoKo/Sharing)
  • Lab Coast – Don’t Wanna See You (Walking on Ayr)
  • Fuzz – Loose Sutres (s/t)

Podcast here!


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