The Sept 19th episode: The SOCAN, all CanCon Special!


It’s been a weird coupla weeks. I’m back for good! SOCAN monitoring week, so we take a long, cool drink of CanCon.

  • The Cyrillic Typewriter – Somewhere (Custodian)
  • Frog Eyes – Claxxon’s Lament (Carey’s Cold Spring)
  • Soft Serve – Words (Sink Deep)
  • bankrobber – soon (life’s nutso)
  • Monomyth – Feeling (s/t)
  • Mouth – From Stern to Bow (After Burners Vol 3)
  • Plays:four – Phyto (Lady Doe)
  • Calvin Love – Cool (Cool 7″)
  • Masahiro Takashi – Getting Lost in the Forest (Before the sex, the word and definitions)
  • Young Braised – Feminist (feat ) (Japanese Tendencies)
  • Open Relationship – Nice Dick (Poochy)
  • weed – set me back (deserve)
  • Cascadia – Josie (Level Trust)
  • Crystal Swells – Harsh Flux (HarshSide/SludgeFreaks)

Podcast here!



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