The August 29th Episode: Victory Square Block Party preview


The Victory Square Block Party happened over the Labour Day weekend, and man, was it fun. Congrats to the organizers and the bands on another great year. If I didn’t see you there this year, hope to see you next year.

  • Barry DeVorzon – Baseball Furies’ Chase (The Warriors OST)
  • Main Source – Just A Friendly Game of Baseball (Breaking Atoms)
  • The Isotopes – Just To Bring You Home (ft. Marissa Pines) (single)
  • KoKo – Pezzmeth (Pezzmeth)
  • Sharing – Sharing (Sharing/KoKo split)
  • Jay Holy – Dyatlov Pass (Dyatlov Pass)
  • Taiwan – Red Room (Pleasence Split 12″)
  • Silly Kissers – Halloween Summer (Halloween Summer)
  • the courtneys – 90210 (s/t)
  • Jay Arner – Bad Friend 2 (Pop Alliance Vol 3)
  • young braised – 1 0 0 $ (big trouble in little china)
  • Slow Learners – Party Police (Party Police 7″)
  • dead ghosts – can’t get no (can’t get no)
  • Slam Dunk – It’s Only Fun (The Shivers)
  • Bankrobber – Boym’m (Life’s Nutso)

Podcast here!


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