The August 22nd Episode: A Chat with Selina from the Shoutback Festival!


I’m behind and catching up. Shoutback was a few weeks back, but a grand success from all I’ve heard. Thanks again to Selina!

  • The Brogues – I Ain’t No Miracle Worker (Nuggets)
  • Girls – Lust For Life (s/t)
  • Fleetwood Mac – The Ledge (Tusk)
  • Reverter – No More Haircuts (Kingfisher Bluez singles)
  • Imaginary Pants – Bus Driver (s/t)
  • Hot Tears – Fight (s/t)
  • Jay Holy – Into The Void (Dyatlov Pass)
  • Part Time – Night Drive (PDA)
  • Drew Price’s Bermuda Triangle – Login* (Friends & Family)
  • Coach Longlegs – Everyone Is In Charge of Themselves (No Dogs At Shows)
  • Cousins – River (Split 7″)
  • Breeze – Paradise (In A While) (Paradise)
  • Cindy Lee – Promise of Loneliness (Tatlashea)
  • White Poppy – Without Answers (s/t)
  • HAIM – The Wire (The Wire)

Podcast here!


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