The March 21st episode: All CanCon special! Feat new Sean Nicholas Savage


Late, but catching up now. SOCAN monitoring week show!

  • The Parka 3 – Welcome To Paradise (The Complete…)
  • Prince Innocence – Golden Hour (Lapse)
  • Fan Fiction – New Manufacturing Economies II (New Manufacturing Economy)
  • DIANA – Born Again (Born Again)
  • Kellarissa – Blood + Sand (Moon of Neptune)
  • Sean Nicholas Savage – Lonely Woman (Other Life)
  • Gal Gracen – Sylvan Tragedy (Blue Hearts In Exile)
  • Renny Wilson – Could’ve It Been Me? (Sugarglider)
  • Jay Arner – Black Horse (Bad Friend)
  • Energy Slime – Why U Wanna (s/t)
  • International Falls – Burnaby (Achievement)
  • Julie Doiron – Cars and Trucks (So Many Days)
  • Homeshake – Sally (The Homeshake Tape)
  • Needles//Pins – Shaker (12:34)

Podcast here!


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