The March 14th episode: Back to normal, with guest co-hosts Jamie & Danielle


Thanks so much to everyone who supported the Fundrive and Duncan’s Donuts. With your help, the show cleared $1400 and the station raised more than $32,000! So generous! Thanks. (Pies are in the works.)

  • Homeshake – Brothers (The Homeshake Tape)
  • Watermelon – Hell Mouth (Cassette)
  • Aaron Read – Pink Sun (Even Rats Can Feel the Sun)
  • Gal Gracen – Love Fantasy, My Beautiful Girl (Blue Hearts in Exile)
  • Mary Has A Gun – Easy Way (Demo)
  • Synthcake – Solo (Musicophilia)
  • The Lumineers – Flapper Girl (Lost)
  • Brave Parents – Don’t Ask (Someone To Jump Out At You)
  • The Shilohs – The Place Where Nobody Knows I Go (So Wild)
  • Literature – Lily (Arab Spring)
  • Warm Soda – Sour Grapes (Someone For You)
  • Destiny’s Child – Independent Women (Charlie’s Angels OST)

Podcast here!


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