The March 7th episode: The Fundrive / Intl Women’s Day / Jamie as co-host Duncan’s Donuts triple special!


The Fundrive show was so nice, I did it twice! Please consider donating to CiTR:

And tune in to CiTR tomorrow, 8am-8pm, for the station’s International Women’s Day special.

  • The Courtneys – 90210 (Pop Alliance Vol 3)
  • Fanshaw – Off/On (Pop Alliance Vol 3)
  • Kellarissa – Old Money (Moon of Neptune)
  • The Lost Lovers Brigade – Lonely Neighbours (Little Skeletons)
  • To Bad Catholics – Glitter & Gold (Mallorytown)
  • Synthcake – House Love Ground (Musicophilia)
  • Kidnap Kids – Seeds (Pop Alliance Vol 1)
  • Brave Irene – Longest Day (s/t)
  • White Lung – Magazines (Magazines)
  • Nü Sensae – Spit Gifting (Sundowning)
  • The Ahhhs – Sour Candy (Future Without Her)
  • Yung Mums – BC Budz (s/t)
  • What’s Hot! – We Are What’s Hot! (Demo)

Podcast here!


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