The Feb 21st episode: Some songs have similar beats & other earth-shattering revelations. Don’t drone me, bro.


Previewing a couple of shows by Mattress and a show by R Stevie Moore. FunDrive starts next week! Pop Alliance 3 record out in two weeks!

  • Beat Happening – I Spy (s/t)
  • Fugs – CIA Man (Virgin Fugs)
  • Kenny Rogers – You Turn the Light On (Kenny)
  • Lake – Blue Ocean Blue (Oh, The Places We’ll Go)
  • R Stevie Moore – California Rhythm (Phonography)
  • Mattress – Reason To Live (El Dorado)
  • Channels 3×4 – Out. (s/t)
  • Silver Apples – Lovefingers (s/t)
  • Freak Heat Waves – Nausea (s/t)
  • U.S. Girls – Slim Baby (Gem)
  • Slim Twig – I’ll Always Be A Child (Sof’ Sike)
  • Matmos – Y.T.T.E. (The Civil War)

Podcast here!


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