Shout Back! Fest & Victory Sq Block Party previews. Big weekend, everybody!


An interview with Kay of the Shout Back! Festival and a preview of this year’s Victory Square Block Party. Big weekend, people.

  • Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Wawa (New York Noise)
  • Eating Out – Burn (s/t)
  • Nation of Two – She’s the Arsonist (Demo)
  • Love Cuts – Hi Smile Wave (s/t)
  • Kidnap Kids! – God (You Would Run From Ratboy Grave)
  • Brave Irene – No Fun (s/t)
  • The Ballantynes – The Message (The Message)
  • Mode Moderne – The Open Air (Strange Bruises)
  • Indian Wars – Get To The Point (Bloodstains Across British Columbia)
  • Village – Stranger Thoughts (s/t)
  • Beathovens – Summer Sun (Searchin’ For Shakes)
  • Sean Nicholas Savage – She’s the Sun (Summer 5000)
  • The Shilohs – Private Lives (Private Lives)
  • Jeff the Brotherhood – Sixpack (Hypnotic Nights)

Podcast here!


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