The songs are sharp, the host not so much


I almost fell out of the studio chair after getting caught up in the headphone cable. It was that kind of show. Thanks for stickin’ with it.

  • The Cyrillic Typewriter – Vato’s Gold (French Door)
  • Slim Twig – Gun Shy (Sof’ Sike)
  • Nü Sensae – Swim (Sundowning)
  • Dirty Beaches – Elizabeth’s Theme (Kingfisher Bluez Single-sided single)
  • Josephine Foster – Child of God (Blood Rushing)
  • Connie Converse – Trouble (How Sad, How Lovely)
  • Matt Berry – Take My Hand (Witchazel)
  • Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffitti – Mature Themes (Mature Themes)
  • Nite Jewel – One Second of Love (One Second of Love)
  • No Kids – I Want To Be Around (Judy At The Grove)
  • Micachu & the Shapes – You Know (Never)
  • String Theory – No Guitars Ever (A BASSic Introduction to String Theory)
  • Real Boys – Whale (s/t EP)
  • Weed – Amber (Gun Control)
  • Pizza Sub – Something Stinks (s/t)

Podcast here!


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