Future Episode! Featuring guest co-host Jessica and a Jay Arner worldwide exclusive

[audio http://playlist.citr.ca/podcasting/audio/20120517-120000-to-20120517-130500.mp3]

Ol’ friend of the show Jessica came by to debut the new Jay Arner single and shoot the sh*t. I’m away, so we pre-recorded in my living room.

  • The Ink Spots, Do-nuts
  • Gowan, Moonlight Desires
  • Eddie Murphy, Party All the Time
  • Roxy Music, Take A Chance With Me
  • Tracey Ullman, They Don’t Know
  • Jay Arner, Bad Friend
  • Pavement, Fight This Generation
  • Cadillac Spring, Cadillac Spring
  • Sean Nicholas Savage, Babe
  • Silly Kissers, I Fall In Love
  • Brave Irene, Tangled Line
  • Seapony, Go Away
  • Of Montreal, Dustin Hoffman Offers Lame Possible Explanation For Missing Bathtub
  • Apollo Ghosts, Guitar Brother

Podcast here!


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