Post-riot blues, Hugo co-hosting & Black Lips interview!

The hockey game & riot were terrible, but it was great to get to chat with the Black Lips. They put on a killer show at the Rickshaw, too. Note: the interview with them took place during the game, thus all talk of riots was speculative (and only unfortunate in hindsight).
  • The Awkward Stage, The Morons Are Winning
  • Elevator To Hell, A-void the Out-side
  • Sleigh Bells, Riot Rhythm
  • Long Long Long, Mandarin Collars with Women
  • Cousins, Secret Weapon
  • Long Weekends, Quarter Sticks
  • Cold Warps, Hang Up On You
  • The Black Lips, Veni Vidi Veci
  • The Black Lips, Family Tree
  • The Black Lips, O Katrina!
  • The Black Lips, Drugs
  • The Black Lips, Go Out and Get It
  • The Black Lips, Step Right Up
  • The Black Lips, Modern Art
  • The Almighty Defenders, Bow Down and Die
Podcast here! Black Lips interview starts about 32 minutes in.
Complete, uninterrupted interview here:

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