Debut for Rec Centre! Lots of other rad local stuff!

  • Rec Centre, Missin’ Out
  • Nick Krgovich, I Can’t Bring Myself To Smile
  • Talking Heads, Heaven
  • Grimes, Vanessa
  • Mane Mane, TwnklSr
  • The Cyrillic Typewriter, Dreams Through a Cup of Tea
  • Bossanova, Closet Sounds
  • Boogie Monster, Lost in Bollywood
  • Chains of Love, Black Hearts
  • Student Teacher, Eco-babes
  • Role Mach, Sun Yat Sen
  • Role Mach, Blank Manhattan (Fine Mist remix)
  • Handsome Furs, What About Us
  • New York Mets, Our Team / Our Time
  • Belle & Sebastian, Piazza, New York Catcher

Podcast here! I am away next week; Liv was nice enough to say she’s fill in again. Thanks Liv!

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