FUNDRIVE 2010! Lots of great news!


The cover of the CiTR Pop Alliance Compilation: Volume 2

There’s a tremendous amount of great FunDrive updates. Let’s go…

  • First off, if you haven’t already, please donate. You can do so here or by calling 604-822-8648!
  • Secondly, today’s episode of “Duncan’s Donuts” will be very special. Jay and Megan of Fine Mist (and maybe an extra special bonus friend) will be in the studio to help out with the FunDrive and to celebrate the show’s fourth anniversary! Jay will be making knockoff Subway sandwiches which he will deliver to the highest bidder. Seriously.
  • Also, my premiums are still in play. Any donation over $20 will get you a Duncan’s Donuts mixtape (choose from 1] “Slow Jamz” 2] “Raunchy Rap Hits” 3] “Xmas Carols” 4] “Indie Faves” or 5] “Songs About Girls”) and be entered into a draw to have a spaghetti dinner with me & Station Manager Brenda Grunau, cooked and hosted by me.
  • We’ll also be giving away CDs, records and K Records Digital Singles Club subscriptions.
  • On top of all this, there’s the FunDrive Finale party tonight at the Biltmore. It’s 90s night and it will be crazy, with all sorts of excellent local bands performing your favourite covers from your favourite decade. Plus my ‎17 hour-long strictly-dopest-90s-hits playlist has been completed. Facebook event here!
  • The CiTR Pop Alliance Compilation: Volume 2 I curated is almost a reality. The artwork, by David Barclay of, features (from top to bottom) Dan Bejar, Tim Hecker (in mask), Nardwuar, Gerald Rattlehead, Joey Shithead, Cub (as portrayed on the cover of Betti-Cola) and Christa Min. The compilation itself features Apollo Ghosts, My Friend Wallis, Slam Dunk, Role Mach, Kellarissa, Fine Mist, No Kids, fanshaw, Watermelon, Shane Turner Overdrive & Spring Break. HOW CRAZY GOOD IS THAT!?! And, it’s being pressed on vinyl, thanks to the generous support of Mint Records. The record, hand-numbered and limited to 300 copies, will be available in early 2011 (we’ll have a launch party, too). Reserve a copy by donating to CiTR: 604-822-8648 (tell them “Duncan’s Donuts” sent you). Thanks to all the bands, Stuart McKillop for mastering and Shena from Mint and Brenda from CiTR for pulling it together.

So that’s the roundup. Please donate tomorrow and make me a happy radio host!


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