LAST WEEK: The first day of fall. New local & elsewhere pop. I get giddy on the air after making a dumb Rolling Stones joke.

  • My Friend Wallis, Hiding
  • Tyranahorse, Joy Wolf
  • Twin Sister, Meet the Frownies
  • Summer Camp, Veronica Sawyer
  • Birthdays, Software
  • Warpaint, Ashes To Ashes
  • Tonetta, Still A Slave
  • Frankie & the Outs, Girlfriend Island
  • Black Milk, Deadly Medley
  • Big Freedia, Gin In My System
  • The Magician & the Gates of Love, A Gentleman’s Harvest (Teen Daze remix)
  • Small Black, Photojournalist
  • Ducktails, Art Vandelay

Podcast here!


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