The almost-all-new episode! Plus, R.I.P. Vic Chesnutt


  • Vic Chesnutt, Flirted With You All My Life
  • Vic Chesnutt, Isadora Duncan
  • Gigi feat. Karl Blau, The Old Graveyard
  • To Bad Catholics, Glitter and Gold
  • Petroleum By-Products, Gangrene
  • Harlem, Hippies
  • Spoon, Written In Reverse
  • Portastatic, Anything You Want (Spoon cover)
  • Beach House, Norway
  • Final Fantasy, Lewis Takes Action
  • The Sandwitches, Back to the Sea
  • Bear In Heaven, Lovesick Teenagers
  • The Best Coast, When I’m With You
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg feat. Beck, Heaven Can Wait

Podcast here! Help support Vic Chesnutt’s family:

Bonus video, Charlotte Gainsbourg & Beck:



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