The Jeremy Jay Interview Special!


Special LIVE interview with K RecordsJeremy Jay. He called in from Portland about half way through the show and we had a nice/slightly awkward conversation. I played eight (8!) of his songs, a Folk Implosion song (guess which one), an Eric’s Trip song, “Stop or Start” by Fine Mist and “Here Comes The Summer” by the Fiery Furnaces. It was an exciting 63 minutes!

It can all be heard here. Interview starts at the 33rd minute or half way through.


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One Response to “The Jeremy Jay Interview Special!”

  1. duncanmm Says:

    Full playlist:

    Jeremy Jay, Slow Dance, Breaking The Ice
    Jeremy Jay, Slow Dance, In This Lonely Town
    Jeremy Jay, Alpharhythm, Alpharhythm
    Jeremy Jay, A Place Where We Could Go, Escape to Aspen
    Jeremy Jay, A Place Where We Could Go, While The City Sleeps
    Jeremy Jay, Airwalker, Airwalker
    Jeremy Jay, Demo, Ghost Rider (Suicide cover)
    Folk Implosion, Kids OST, Natural One
    Eric’s Trip, Love Tara, Stove
    Jeremy Jay, Love Everlasting 12″, Love Everlasting
    Fine Mist, Stop or Start
    Fiery Furnaces, EP, Here Comes the Summer

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