The lots-of-new-stuff episode!

  • The Make Up, (Here Comes) the Judge
  • The Scene Creamers, (Here Comes) the Judge, Part 2
  • Beat Happening, Don’t Mix The Colors
  • Calvin Johnson & pals, Ambulance Driver Blues
  • Channels 3X4, Out
  • Glass Candy, Life After Sundown
  • Fine Mist, In the Moonlight
  • Fanshaw, Dark Eyes
  • Mirah, Gone Are The Days
  • Julie Doiron, Spill Yer Lungs
  • Jenn Grant, Heartbreaker
  • Abe Vigoda, Don’t Lie
  • Wavves, Rainbow Everywhere
  • Hermetic, Curmudgeon’s Club
  • The Lonely Island, I’m On A Boat

Note: Podcast starts w/ 2 mins of silence, but is fine after that, aside from some weirdo skipping.

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