The 30th Birthday Special, Part 1


My 30th birthday is this week, so I thought I’d use the occasion as an excuse to do something a bit different on the ol’ show. This week and next, I’ll be playing a song from each year of my life. This week was 1978 – 1993.

  • Outdoor Miner, Wire, 1978
  • Cities, Talking Heads, 1979
  • Echo Beach, Martha And The Muffins, 1980
  • Golden Brown, The Stranglers, 1981
  • Instant Touch, Au Pairs, 1982
  • Age Of Consent, New Order, 1983
  • Ghostbusters, Ray Parker Jr, 1984
  • Just Like Honey, The Jesus & Mary Chain, 1985
  • Shoulder Pads #1, The Fall, 1986
  • I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish, The Smiths, 1987
  • Nimrod’s Son, Pixies, 1988
  • I Did Acid With Caroline, Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair, 1989
  • My Friend Goo, Sonic Youth, 1990
  • Only Shallow, My Bloody Valentine, 1991
  • Teenage Caveman, Beat Happening, 1992
  • Daughters of the Kaos, Luscious Jackson, 1993

Tune in next week for 1994-2008.

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