Jason Anderson live on the air! Lackadaisical Pemberton Fest preview!


This was a bit of a crazy show. It’s CiTR Show Swap Week but Ground Control‘s Becky, who was supposed to do this show, got stuck at work and had to cancel. I whipped something up and then right before going on, found out that the awesome Jason Anderson was available for a phone interview! (Thanks Luke!) So, Luke & I improvised an interview and then I had to run off to a CiTR HR meeting I had inadvertently double-booked myself with, which meant I don’t talk for the whole second half of the show (maybe a good thing?). Anyways, you can hear the show here. Thanks again to Jason.

  • The Fiery Furnaces, Here’s Comes The Summer
  • Jason Anderson, Saturday Night
  • Wolf Colonel, Jet Ski Accidents
  • The Dead Milkmen, Punk Rock Girl
  • MSTRKRFT, Easy Love
  • Vampire Weekend, M79
  • Shearwater, Red Sea, Black Sea
  • Interpol, NYC
  • The Flaming Lips, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
  • My Morning Jacket, Master Plan
  • No Age, Everybody’s Down
  • Abe Vigoda, Endless Sleeper
  • Circulatory System, Yesterday’s World

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