The all-7″s-all-the-time show! Technical gaffes and miscues galore!

  • The Blow, Brushy Brushy
  • The Aislers Set, Clouds Will Clear
  • The Magnetic Fields, I Don’t Believe You
  • The 6ths, Rot In the Sun
  • The Easybeats, I Made My Bed
  • Georges Brassens, J’Ai Rendez-Vous Avec Vous
  • P:ano, Storm the Gates
  • Evaporators, Honk The Horn
  • Thee Dub-lins, Uhhh
  • The Tentacles, The Touch
  • Cat Power, Hate
  • Vapid, Do The Earthquake
  • Modern Creatures, To A Crowd
  • Sea Wolf, You’re a Wolf
  • The Microphones, I Can’t Believe You Actually Died
  • Jad Fair, Books
  • Final Fantasy, This is the Dream of Emma & Cam

Podcast here!


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