The back-from-Texas and mostly new stuff show!




Hi folks,


Just got from a week and a half in Texas. Thanks to Marielle for filling in while I was away. Here’s what I played today:


  • Big Boys, No
  • Daniel Johnston, Chord Organ Blues
  • Phil Elvrum and Nick Krgovich, Whatcha Doin’*
  • Mt Eerie, A Sentimental Song*
  • No Kids, Another Song*
  • Hank, Baby’s Bible*
  • Cat Power, New York
  • Mountain Goats, Heretic Pride
  • Mahjjong, Problems
  • Greenbelt Collective , Nanook
  • AutoMatique, HighWire
  • Great Lake Swimmers, Your Rocky Spine
  • Final Fantasy, Joys*
  • Deerhoof, You, Dog*
* from the amazing new compilation “David Shrigley’s Worried Noodles,” out now on TomLab. It’s on backorder and should be available soon at Lucky’s Comics, or you can buy it here.

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