The Halloween Show, October 25th, 2007

  • North American Halloween Prevention Initiative, Do They Know It’s Halloween?
  • David Bowie, Scary Monsters
  • The Shaggs, It’s Halloween
  • Bauhaus vs Disneyland, Haunted Bela
  • Hot Blood, Soul Dracula
  • Daniel Johnston, Casper the Friendly Ghost
  • The Fleshtones, You Can’t Get Him Frankenstein
  • Half Japanese, Rosemary’s Baby
  • Animal Collective, Fireworks
  • Band of Horses, A Ghost in my House
  • OK Vancouver OK, Pink and Blue
  • Greenbelt Collective, This Hill Used to be a Valley
  • Black Kids, I’m not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend to Dance With You

Here’s the awesome video for “Do They Know It’s Halloween?”



One Response to “The Halloween Show, October 25th, 2007”

  1. jams! Says:

    gee, i love your voice.
    happy thursday!

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