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FunDrive 2016 is upon us! Please consider giving to the good ship CiTR. Details here:

If you donate to my show, you can get a couple of specific prizes:

  • $10 or more and I’ll send you a link to my sh*t-hot best-of-2015 supermix
  • $50 or more and you’ll be invited to a special donut-making party

That’s on top of the already great CiTR swag. Thanks, as always, for your support! Let’s… grow… some… culture!?!

Did I stop making radio?

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No! But I did take break from due diligence in keeping up this website. CiTR’s website is vastly improved and has made this ol’ site a little redundant, so I’m not quite sure what the plan is.

In the meantime, check the Duncan’s Donuts page on for all the latest episodes, ‘kay?

The August 20th episode: Editorial comp & more

August 20, 2015 by

Seems like the podcast is silent for the first seven minutes. It kicks in after that. Pretty good show. Good music. That Editorial comp can be found here.

  • The Kinks – I’m Not Like Everybody Else (Sunny Afternoon 7″)
  • Deerhunter – Snakeskin (Fading Frontier)
  • Lab Coast – Away From Here (Craft Single)
  • Mega Bog – Cologne in the Night (Gone Banana)
  • Wetface – All I Wanna Say (Editorial & Friends)
  • Sean Nicholas Savage – The Rat #1 (Demo) (Editorial & Friends)
  • White Poppy – Cruisin’ (Editorial & Friends)
  • Stefana Fratila – Heartland (Efemara)
  • TV Ugly – Slow Thighs (UCLA Yankee Cola)
  • Homeshake – Brothers (The Homeshake Tape)
  • Valet – Sunday (Nature)
  • Chastity Belt – Joke (Time To Go Home)
  • dark glasses – in vogue (s/t)
  • sloan – she says what she means (navy blues)

Podcast here!

The August 13th episode: new Melberg & Lynch

August 20, 2015 by

All that we want is a shady la-a-a-a-a-ane.

  • Pavement – Shady Lane / J. vs S. (Brighten the Corners)
  • Parquet Courts – Borrowed Time (Light Up Gold )
  • Knife Pleats – Terrible (Hat Bark Beach)
  • Seapony – Let Go (A Vision)
  • Moss Lime – Sac-a-Douche (July First)
  • TV Ugly – QC (UCLA Yankee Cola)
  • Mega Bog – Aurora/99 (Gone Banana)
  • Jenny Hval – Sabbath (Apocalypse, girl)
  • Johnny Zithers – Reactor (XXVII)
  • Fountain – Two Ugly Doves (Fountain 2)
  • Painted Fruits – GRK (Fruit Salad)
  • Jons – Give Her Time (Com Shred I)
  • Century Palm – Desire (Afterburners Vol 1)
  • N.213’s Group Vision – Onus in Time (s/t)
  • Jeff Phelps – On the Corner (Magnetic Eyes)

Podcast here!

The August 6th episode: Fake Tears!

August 6, 2015 by

Fake Tears stopped by the good ship CiTR to chat about their new album Nightshifting and play some records. They’re having a listening party tomorrow night and a release show on the 15th at the Lido with Ace Martens.

  • Mourning Coup – I Will Never Die (Baby Blue)
  • Fake Tears – Night Box (Nightshifting)
  • Fake Tears – Rite of the First Night (Nightshifting)
  • Sur Une Plage – Minimum (Legerdemain)
  • Lower Dens – Sucker’s Shangri-La (Escape From Evil)
  • Wasted Youth – I Wish I Was A Girl (Wild & Wandering)
  • Love & Rockets – So Alive (s/t)
  • The Misfits – Cough/Cool (Cough/Cool)
  • US Girls – Woman’s Work (Half Free)
  • Perfume Genius – Queen (Too Bright)
  • Pools – Darling Corey (Searchin’ For Shakes)

Podcast here!

PS: Farewell darling Corey